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Our EMOTIONAL health is not something people tend to look at when they are struggling with PHYSICAL symptoms, yet it is absolutely necessary to look at our emotional/mental state, when trying to find a solution to our dis-ease.     

Anxiety, Stress and Depression are just a few topics that can cause serious physical symptoms.

How do we get rid of those emotions that get TRAPPED in our bodies?

How can we be sure that those emotions have PROCESSED completely out? 

The Lord has called me into the Autistic Community, helping Autistic students (and their parents or caregivers) release "stuck emotions" that they have been unable to process on their own.  Both Non-verbal and Verbal.  They spell out on their letterboards, that this help is "greatly needed". Finding emotional help for this community has been truly humbling. 

I have found that parents and caregivers often forget about their own "self-care".  By taking a little time to connect to their own emotions, these caregivers have been able to provide much needed support in ways they couldn't before.

I offer many services. Every client has different needs, and we will find the best solutions for you. 

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