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Our EMOTIONAL health is not something people tend to look at when they are struggling with PHYSICAL symptoms, yet it is absolutely necessary to look at our emotional/mental state, when trying to find a solution to our dis-ease.     

Anxiety, Stress and Depression are just a few topics that can cause serious physical symptoms.

How do we get rid of those emotions that get TRAPPED in our bodies?

How can we be sure that those emotions have PROCESSED completely out? 

I specialize in INDIVIDUAL, CUSTOM consultations that focus on the BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.   I want to EMPOWER you.  You have more POWER in YOUR health than you think.  The Holy Spirit is at work, and We can work together to...

"Naturally Renew U"

I offer many services from Basic Naturopathic Care, Emotional Balancing, Lyme Disease Protocols,  CBD Education,   and much more.  Every client has different needs, and we will find the best solutions for you. 

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